[7-25-2017] Release of the New Trainer Portal Project View & Course Credits Update

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Trainer Portal Project View

As previously announced, we are excited to announce the launch of the updated Trainer Portal Project View! All documentation and screenshots have been updated to reflect the changes.

While most trainers should be able to easily transition to the updated project view, we recommend taking a look at the Trainer Portal documentation for further instructions & screenshots.

Communications History

Credit Report Comparison

Also based on our previous announcement is the launch of our new Course credits, which simplify the credit reporting in Blanchard Exchange. The following will begin starting tomorrow, July 26:

  1. Orders for Off-the-Shelf Blanchard Exchange courses will start utilizing the new course credits, which can be tracked under the Course credit balances report, found under the Reports tab of the Corporate Portal.

  2. We will begin transitioning all existing accounts to the new credit system. Remaining balances for individual product credits will be converted to the new credit-type for courses.  

Note that this transition requires a manual conversion process - we expect to transition all accounts over the coming weeks to this new system. Additionally, most custom offerings will not yet transition to the new credit system and will still rely on the individual product credits for the time-being.

As an added bonus, remaining individual product credits converted to the new credit-type for courses will have their expiration periods reset to 18-months from the date of the conversion, extending the period of usage to assign learners to courses in most cases.

Note: Once your credits are converted, if you find a discrepancy with your credit reporting, please reach out to your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact for assistance.

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