[7-12-2017] Coming soon! Course Credits & New Trainer Portal Project View

We are excited to announce two new updates coming to Blanchard Exchange in the near-future:

Trainer Portal Project View
The Trainer Portal's project view will be updated to match that of the Corporate Portal.

Communications History

Trainer Portal Project View

This will bring some of the recent enhancements to the Corporate Portal directly to those with access to the Trainer Portal, such as the ability to track calendar invitation responses. This will also allow trainers and administrators to more-easily communicate regarding project details since those details will be presented the same way across both interfaces. 

Note that the process for inviting individuals to access the Trainer Portal will remain the same. Additionally, while the main navigation will remain the same, existing project views in the Trainer Portal will automatically be updated to the new project view following the update.

This update is scheduled to go live on July 25.

Course Credits
We are updating all of our course templates to a new course type in Blanchard Exchange that will allow administrators to more-easily see and understand their credit balances.

Communications History

Credit Report Comparison

The current credit system has been based on the individual products that are included in courses. Some organizations use similar course templates that use some of the same products. This can sometimes lead to scenarios that make it challenging to understanding the remaining credit balances for similar course templates. 

This update will allow administrators to easily see how many credits they have purchased/used/expired/remaining for each course enabled in their accounts.

Starting today, brand-new courses released from The Ken Blanchard Companies will utilize this new type of course. We'll provide more information in the coming weeks regarding the transition of our existing course templates.

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