Tutorial - How to Rebrand Your Portal

Blanchard Exchange allows you to modify the branding of the Corporate Portal such as adding your company logo and changing the color scheme of this site (see below for examples). The changes you make in your Corporate Portal are also reflected in the Learner Portal, so any individuals you invite through projects will also see your customized branding.

In order to change the branding of the portals, go to the Settings tab in your account, and then select the Branding option.

To change the logo, select the Upload logo option displayed under the default Blanchard Exchange logo near the middle of the screen:

  1. A new window will open, allowing you to browse for your new logo (the logo/image must already be saved to your computer). Once you locate the file, select OPEN on the window.
  2. Crop the logo (if necessary) and then select Save logo.

If you need to reset your logo to the default Blanchard Exchange logo, you can click on Reset logo.

To change the color scheme, options are listed on the right under "Colors". Each of the three main color values can be changed, either by clicking in the color field selecting a color using the color selection tool, or by entering a hexadecimal value for the color code. Once you modify the color scheme, select Save colors to apply your new color scheme to your Corporate Portal and Learner Portal.

If you need to reset your color scheme to the default Blanchard Exchange color values, you can click on Reset colors.

See below for examples of how rebranding the interface changes the visual appearance of Blanchard Exchange:


BX Admin Default

Corporate Portal - Default Branding

BX Admin Rebranded

Corporate Portal - Rebranded

BX Participant Default Branding

Learner Portal - Default Branding

BX Participant Rebranded

Learner Portal - Rebranded


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