Tutorial - How to Set Up a Registration Link

In some cases, you may wish to provide access to courses and materials through alternative means, such as through an LMS (Learning Management System), website, or direct email instead of adding/uploading participants directly into Blanchard Exchange.

Each project you create in Blanchard Exchange allows you to set up a registration link. When individuals click on this link, they are allowed to "self-register" by filling in their name and email address. Once they register, they will be sent an email from Blanchard Exchange which will allow them to set their password.

Once their password has been set, they will have access to all course content and materials associated with that specific project.

To enable the registration link on a project you have created, follow the steps below:

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

1. Within your project, start by selecting the "Participants" tab (Figure 1-1) and then select the "Self-Registration" option (Figure 1-2).

2. Enable the registration link by selecting "On" for the "Registration status"(Figure 2).

3. (Optional) - Enable a password that would need to be used by participants in order to register for access:

A) Click on Edit next to the "Password protection" option.

Figure 3

Figure 3

B) Set the "Password protection status" to ON (Figure 3-1).

C) Create a desired password in the "Password needed for participant to register" field (Figure 3-2).

D) Click on Save setting (Figure 3-3).

4. (Optional) - Enable a participant limit in terms of the number of individuals who can sign up for access using this link:

A) Click on Edit next to the "Participant limit" option.

Figure 4

Figure 4

B) Set the "Participant limit status" to ON (Figure 4-1).

C) Fill in the desired numeric limit in the "Max number of participants allowed via self-registration" option (Figure 4-2).

D) Click on Save setting (Figure 4-3).

Once you have set your registration options, copy the link displayed under "Registration link to distribute to participants" and paste it wherever you wish to display it.

Note: If displaying the registration link on an LMS or 3rd-party system, all reporting data for that Blanchard Exchange project must still be viewed in the Blanchard Exchange Corporate Portal. The reporting data does not get sent to the LMS or 3rd-party system.


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