Sound will not play in the lesson.

Sound will not play in the lesson faqs.gif

You are currently viewing a lesson, but are not hearing any voiceover play on a page or are not hearing any audio while playing a video.

If you are trying to hear a voiceover, please note that some pages in the system will not feature a voiceover. Verify that there is a voiceover by scrolling to the bottom of the page. If a voiceover is available, a gray audio player will appear.

For both audio and video, verify:

  1. The volume on your computer is turned up
  2. If you have speakers, make sure they are plugged in and turned on

If you still do not hear any audio, verify that the audio or video player is not muted. In the bottom right corner of the player, there is a volume control. If the volume is muted, the spekaer icon will have a slash through it. Click the speaker icon to unmute the audio.

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