WebEx virtual session instructions and phone numbers

I am having trouble joining a virtual session faqs.gif

You are trying to login to a virtual session and you cannot get into the meeting or it is loading very slowly.

Your computer needs to download and install the WebEx Meeting Manager plug-in before you join the meeting. You will need administrative rights to your computer to complete the download. (If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, please contact your internal IT support.)

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on Training Center in the horizontal navigation bar
  3. under "Set Up" on the left hand side of the page, select "Training Manager"
  4. Click on the "Set Up" button

I need an international phone number to call into a virtual session faqs.gif

You are trying to call into a virtual session from outside the United States, and need an international phone number.


Please review the list below to find your phone number.

Argentina Toll +54-115983-9406
Argentina Toll free 0800-4445535
Australia Toll +61-28518-1925
Australia Toll free 1800-049789
Austria Toll +43-125-302-1544
Austria Toll free 0800-297263
Belgium Toll +32-2894-8321
Belgium Toll free 0800-77672
Brazil Toll free 0800-892-2397
Bulgaria Toll free 0080-0118-1146
Canada Toll +1-416-915-9996
Canada Toll Free +1-855-243-2921
Chile Toll free 1230-020-6972
China North Toll free 10-800-714-1685
China South Toll free 10-800-140-1720
Croatia Toll free 080080-6156
Czech Republic Toll +42-0-22598-6575
Czech Republic Toll free 80070-1498
Denmark Toll +45-3272-7728
Denmark Toll free 80-887300
Estonia Toll free 8000-10-0394
Finland Toll +358-9315-84365
Finland Toll free 0800-9-15125
France Toll +33-17091-8649
France Toll free 0800-905936
Germany Toll +49-6925511-4401
Germany Toll free 0800-189-0505
Greece Toll free 00800-16-12203-3552
Hong Kong Toll +852-5808-1926
Hong Kong Toll free 800-965670
Hungary Toll +36-1700-8749
Hungary Toll +36-1700-8750
Hungary Toll free 06-800-19549
Iceland Toll free 800-8313
India Toll free 000-800-100-8169
Indonesia Toll free 001-803-016-3551
Ireland Toll +353-1526-0060
Ireland Toll free 1-800-947185
Israel Toll free 1-80-9453551
Italy Toll +39-023041-0442
Italy Toll free 800-875198
Japan Toll +81-34580-8167
Japan Toll free 0053-11-61214
Korea (South) Toll Free 0079-814206-3126
Latvia Toll free 8000-4461
Lithuania Toll free 88003-1524
Luxembourg Toll +352-2088-1754
Luxembourg Toll free 8002-8371
Malaysia Toll free 1-800-815735
Mexico Toll Free 001-800514-3551
Netherlands Toll +31-20794-7997
Netherlands Toll free 0800-022-3584
New Zealand Toll +64-9929-1751
New Zealand Toll free 0800-459105
Norway Toll +47-2104-9768
Norway Toll free 800-16938
Poland Toll +48-2221-20697
Poland Toll free 00-800-112-4316
Portugal Toll free 8008-27741
Romania Toll free 0800-89-5899
Russia Toll +7-4952-217145
Russia Toll free 810-8002-108-2012
Saudi Arabia Toll free 8008-14-3129
Singapore Toll +65-3158-1441
Singapore Toll free 800-101-2603
Slovakia Toll free 080060-6627
South Africa Toll +27-11019-7061
South Africa Toll free 0800-99-9610
Spain Toll +34-91791-1287
Spain Toll free 900-93-7923
Sweden Toll +46-85051-3568
Sweden Toll free 020-79-9451
Switzerland Toll +41-43456-9567
Switzerland Toll free 0800-894621
Taiwan Toll free 00-801-127312
Thailand Toll free 0018-00156206-3128
UAE Toll free 8000-3570-2451
United Kingdom Toll 44-203-478-5287
United Kingdom Toll free 08-00051-6353
United States Toll 1-650-479-3208
United States Toll-free 1-877-668-4493
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