Tutorial - How to Print Integrated Assessment Feedback Reports

Some courses delivered through Blanchard Exchange include online assessments that will produce feedback reports when responses are collected. Learners are generally instructed to download and print their own feedback reports.

If you would like to print the reports, please review options below.

Printing Individual Reports

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

1. Open your project.

2. Select the Participants tab. Expand the status of the participant whose report you wish to print by selecting the "+" sign next to their status (Figure 1).

3. Scroll down to the bottom of their assignment list and select the LBAII Self/DISC Profile/LAPII Online report link to open the report found under the Reports heading (Figure 2).


Note: The LAPII Online assessment generates an interactive web report in addition to a PDF report. It is preferred to direct learners to the web report instead of the PDF. The web report is interactive and allows learners to hide/show certain data on the report graphs and charts.

Additionally, if you are accessing more than one LAPII Online feedback report at-a-time, you may need to close your browser window and re-open the report if you encounter a sign-in screen.

Printing Group Reports

The following options apply to the LBAII Self and DISC Profile feedback reports. If you need to download all LAPII Online feedback reports for a project, please reach out to your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact for assistance:

1. Open your project.

2. Select the Reports tab of the project.

3. Select one of the two options to download all of the available reports for this project:

A) "All reports (pdf-file)" is a single PDF file that batches all available feedback reports together. This makes it easy to print all feedback reports.

B) "All reports (zip file)" zips all of the feedback reports together in case you need to email individual reports to another individual.


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