[2-20-2014] New Feature - Conditional Design

We are excited to announce a new feature we've added to Blanchard Exchange called the Conditional Design!  This new functionality allows components within Blanchard Exchange courses to be blocked until certain dates, events, or previous activities have been completed.

This functionality has been enabled on SLII Experience course designs.  This change will be applied to any new SLII Experience projects created and will not apply to previous projects. 

Participants who log into an SLII Experience course will now see a "Coming Soon" heading under the MASTER section of the course which will also display the date that those resources will become accessible.  This date is based on the date of the live SLII Experience PRACTICE session.

Figure 1

Participants will also be able to click on "See Details" in order to see greater detail about what tools & resources will become available to them on the listed "Available" date.

Figure 1

This functionality is also now available in the course builder of Blanchard Exchange and is available for any custom courses you have created or plan on creating.  For details on how to use the Conditional Design, contact your Blanchard Exchange support contact listed on the home page of your administrative portal.


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