[5-2-2014] New Feature - Alternative Date & Time Formats

Administrators now have the ability to set default date & time formats when creating new projects. This new functionality changes how participants see live event details and due dates within their courses on Blanchard Exchange.

In order to set the default format, use the language option under step 4 of the first page of the project setup screen (see screenshot below).  Click on Edit default settings and then select the appropriate option from the "Language" drop-down menu.  You can find details further below on how each language option changes date/time formats.

Note that participants can also modify their default language after logging into Blanchard Exchange under their personal account settings which also impacts the way dates & times are displayed.

Figure 1
English (Singapore)
English (United States)
 5:30:00 PM 12-Hour May 12, 2014 
English (United Kingdom)
English (Ireland)
 17:30:00 o'clock 24-Hour  12-May-2014
English (Malta) 17:30:00 24-Hour 12 May 2014
English (South Africa)
English (India)
5:30:00 PM  12-Hour  13 May, 2014
English (Canada)  5:30:00 o'clock PM 12-Hour  12-May-2014
English (Australia)
English (New Zealand)
 5:30:00 PM 12-Hour 12/05/2014 
English (Philippines)  5:30:00 PM  12-Hour 05 12, 14 


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