What are the Terms and Conditions for using the tools

What are the Terms and Conditions for using the tools.

Blanchard Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions allow Blanchard training participants who have attended or will attend SLII training to use these electronic tools. Clients, including Blanchard training participants, will not be charged an additional fee for using these electronic tools in lieu of purchasing training materials containing some of this content.

Blanchard training participants may download, print, copy, use, electronically transmit, and/or post these electronic tools to use with the people they lead, their managers, and/or their colleagues with the intent to partner and to put into practice SLII concepts and skills.

Client agrees that they will place the following notice with the electronic tools if they chose to post in their environment: “Only those persons who have successfully attended or will attend the SLII training may have access to and use these electronic tools currently under license from The Ken Blanchard Companies. These electronic tools may be downloaded, printed, copied, used, and electronically transmitted by training participants.” Clients will be responsible for their own technical support and online configuration.


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