Tutorial - Adding Custom Files to the Library

Blanchard Exchange allows to you to upload custom files into your Corporate Portal. These custom files can then be inserted into your project's courses, course templates, and even set up for direct link access to use within your email templates.

Here are some examples:

  • A Word document containing a letter from your company President detailing why this training is important to your organization
  • A PDF hotel flyer with specifics about a training location
  • A PowerPoint file detailing a learning journey with specific goals and outcomes
  • An Excel file with various data relevant to the training
  • A SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, or AICC package containing eLearning assets
Figure 1

Figure 1

There currently are no limitations on the file formats you can add to your account.

To add a file to your library, start by selecting the Library tab on the main navigation followed by selecting the Materials sub-option (Figure 1).

Folder Management

The library will allow you to organize your content into folders and sub-folders. Additionally, if you do not wish to create folders to organize your content, you can also bypass this step and upload files directly into your main directory.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 3

To add a folder, select the Add Folder option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. A new window will open - enter a folder name and then select Add Folder (Figure 2).

Existing folders can be renamed, moved to other folders, and even deleted. To access these option, hold your mouse over the folder, and then select the Actions menu to the right of the folder (Figure 3).

Note that if you wish to delete a folder, you must also delete the contents of that folder (uploaded files, sub-folders, etc...) before you will be able to remove the folder.

Uploading Files

Figure 4

Figure 4

To upload a file into the library, navigate to the appropriate folder where the file should be housed. Select the Add Materials option in the upper right-hand corner (Figure 4). You will be presented with two options:

  1. Document - select this option for any general files you wish to add to your library. Note that this option is not limited to just documents as it can accept any file format.
  2. SCORM or AICC - This option is unique to any content wrapped with common eLearning integration standards. See the SCORM Uploads details further below.

Document Uploads

After selecting the Document option, a window will open. Select Upload to locate the file(s) you wish to add, or simply drag the file(s) you want to upload right over this window. Once the upload has been completed, select Done to close the upload window.

SCORM Uploads

The process for uploading SCORM/AICC packages is similar to the Document upload option. To upload any valid AICC, SCORM 1.2, or SCORM 2004 (partial support) content, select the SCORM option from the Add Materials menu. Drag your package onto the Upload window, or select Upload and browse for the package. Select Done after the package upload is complete to close the upload window.

Note: The SCORM Upload option allows you to enhance your courses from The Ken Blanchard Companies with additional content and customization. Blanchard Exchange and the SCORM Upload option should not be used as a full Learning Management System.

Modifying Files in the Library

Figure 5

Figure 5

Each file loaded into the library includes additional options which can be accessed by holding your mouse over the file name and then selecting the Actions menu to the right of the file (Figure 5):

  • Preview: Opens the file to view it
  • Rename: Renames the title of the file in the Library*
  • Move: Moves the file to a different folder in the Library
  • Delete: Deletes the files from the Library
  • Copy: Copies the file - you will be prompted to select the folder destination in the Library for the copied file

Additionally, you can selecting multiple files and make bulk edits using the same options above. Select the files you wish to modify, and then select the corresponding option (Move, Copy, Delete) above the list of materials.

*Note: You can modify a file's title and also add a description when inserting it into a course template. For details, see the Working in the Course Builder tutorial. (To jump to the specific details around changing titles and descriptions within the Course Builder, see the Activities section within the tutorial.)

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