Tutorial - Creating & Modifying Course Templates

The Blanchard Exchange Course Builder is what lays out the design/experience for participants.  Most (if not all) projects you create in Blanchard Exchange will be based on a course that was built using the Course Builder.

By using the Course Builder, Blanchard Exchange allows you to modify the experience that's presented to your participants.  For example, you might want your participants to view a letter from your company President explaining why your employees are being asked to participate in this training as their first step in completing their assignments. 

Alternatively, perhaps you'd like to do a check-in call via teleconference 3 months after the training has taken place, and you want your participants to see the details of that check-in call as a part of their course.

Courses can be modified at the account level (to keep customizations for future projects) or at the project level (to make group-specific customizations).

 Note: When editing a course, note that you may preview your saved edits/changes to see how they would appear to Learners by using the "Preview" function.  For details on how to preview a course from either course templates, the project setup screen, and active projects, click here

Creating Custom Course Templates (Multiple Uses)

In your Blanchard Exchange Administration Portal, go to the Library tab.  On the left-hand side, click on Course Templates.  Click on the course design you wish to use as a starting template:

  1. Click on Create copy in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Modify the Title and Description of the custom course (only administrators will see your custom title and description).
  3. Click on Save course design.
  4. Your custom course is now saved in your account.  If you are ready to modify your course, click on Edit Course Design in the upper right-hand corner.

Your custom course template will now be available on the same screen as your default course templates on the project setup screen.  You will be able to identify your course based on the title and description you enter from step 2 above.

Modifying Course Templates at the Project Level (Single/Group-Specific Use)

Open the project you want to customize and click on the Design tab.  From there, click on the Edit Layout button.  Make your adjustments to the course and then click on Save & Close in the upper right-hand corner (Recommended: If you will be making multiple edits to a course, you should click on Save in the upper right-hand corner at regular intervals in order to save your work and allow you to continue to modify your course).

After you save your changes, you will need to "Activate" those changes before participants in your projects will be able to see your adjustments/additions.  Click on Activate Course Design Now on the top of your project screen.  Enter any new details for live events (or reconfirm existing live events) and click on Save Project Details

If you need to add deadlines for any custom files/assignments you added, you can add them under the Dates & Details tab within your project.

NOTE: If you want to add custom files that are loaded into your Blanchard Exchange Library into your project course design, you will need to make those files available to your project, first.  To do so, click on the Materials tab in your project:

  1. Under the Add Project Material, start typing the name of the custom file you wish to add (based on the title you entered when you added the file to your Library).  When you see your file come up, click on the title and click on Add.

    - Alternatively, you can also click on the drop-down arrow to the right to browse through all available files/products in your Blanchard Exchange account.

  2. Repeat step 1 for any custom files you wish to make available to your project.
  3. Once your custom files are added, you can go back into the Course Builder and will see your custom files under the "Materials" tab on the left under the "Activities" area.


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