Tutorial - Setting Project Language & Date/Time Formats

Blanchard Exchange projects include a language setting which sets the default language for users and also controls the date/time formats. This language setting controls the language of certain integrated products, such as the LBAII Self assessment, Online Challenge, SLII App activation details, etc... regardless of whether the course is translated.

In order to set the default format, use the Language option under step 4 of the first page of the project setup screen (see screenshot below). Click on Edit default settings and then select the appropriate option from the "Language" drop-down menu.

Figure 1
Some languages have multiple selections based on countries that utilize the language - these additional options control how default date/time information will be presented, such as:
  • 12-hour (AM/PM) vs. 24-hour display
  • The order in which the day/month/year are presented
  • Notation differences in how dates/times are listed

To view how a particular language/country affects these details, select a language using the steps above, and then select the Preview button that appears towards the top of a project once the project has been created.

Note that you can also change this language setting after a project has been created by going to the project's Settings tab - the language setting will be the first option listed and can be changed at any time, even after learners have been invited.

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