[6-16-2014] Enhanced Delete, Course/Email Templates, File Download Prompts, & Updated Email Code

The following changes have been made to address usability and support issues:

Updated delete function for projects with "Learn the SLII Model Online" - Administrators no longer need to delete participants from their own Learn the SLII Model Online sub-projects before being able to delete them from their main project.

Instead, administrators can now delete participants from their main project and Blanchard Exchange will automatically remove them from the sub-project. 

Course Templates and Email Templates moved to Library tab - Access to account course templates and email templates have been moved from the Settings tab to the Library tab.  This change also introduces a visually revised interface for opening, editing, and deleting custom files (all options now found under an Actions menu) that have been uploaded into the Library.

Document-based files prompt participants to save/open - When attempting to view PDF, iPDF, DOCX, etc... files on Blanchard Exchange, participants will now be prompted to save or open these files directly to their computers instead of these files opening directly within their web browsers. 

This change has been made to address issues around participants believing certain documents are online forms that will save their responses.

New email code/variable to generate participant login URLs - A new code has been created to generate participant login links in the emails they receive from Blanchard Exchange.  This code is listed as "${accesslink}” and replaces the previously used code “${loginlink}".

By introducing this new code, administrators will now be able to copy content/login instructions out of an existing email templates and paste that content into a new email without the participant login links failing to generate the correct login URLs.

Note: Any custom email templates that administrators have created will not automatically be updated with the new "${accesslink}” code.  It is recommended that administrators update their custom email templates to replace “${loginlink}" with "${accesslink}” under the participant login instructions to avoid future copy/paste issues.  However, “${loginlink}" will continue to function so there is no immediate need to revise custom templates.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact.

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