Tutorial - How to Use Dynamic Content in Emails

Blanchard Exchange allows you to add unique variables to your emails to pull in dynamic content, such as a user's email address or the name of the project. For example, the "${accesslink}" variable on all Blanchard-provided email templates generates each participant's unique Blanchard Exchange login link based on project. 

Important!: All variables you include must be encapsulated with "${}" to work properly. Example:

Correct:  ${accesslink}

Not correct: accesslink

The following variables are available for use:


${accesslink} An individual's unique link to access their course/content
${orgname} The name of your organization The Ken Blanchard Companies
${name} The user's full name (both first and last name) Ken Blanchard
${firstName} The user's first name entered into the "First Name" field of Blanchard Exchange. Ken
${lastName} The user's last name entered into the "Last Name" field of Blanchard Exchange. Blanchard
${email} The user's primary email
${projectName} The project title (as entered by an Administrator) shown to Learners or Team Members associated with the project. October 15, 2014 Optimal Motivation
${projectDescription} The course description from the course template. Welcome to your Optimal Motivation™ learning experience. This program will help you focus energy into purposeful action, assist in solutions to persistent problems, and improve overall performance. The assignments on this page will help you make the most out of the face-to-face learning session, and ultimately increase your ability to achieve your goals and aspirations.
${sliiAppActivationCode} Contains the SLII App activation code if the product is enable for the project the mail was sent in "1a2b3c"
${usersite} A url to the generic login page for Blanchard Exchange (useful for returning users, but it is recommended to primarily use ${accesslink} to generate login URLs to Blanchard Exchange)
${locale} The user's preferred locale en
${userid} The numerical user id. Can be used for referencing a specific user. 132819
${partid} The participation id. Can be used for referencing a specific user's participation id.  10921679
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