FAQ - How can I add direct reports to Learn the SLII Model Online?

The instructions below apply specifically to Learn the SLII Model Online and do not apply to the SLII Team Member Kit.

For directions on adding team members to the SLII Team Member Kit as an Administrator, please refer to the instructions found here.

Courses that include Learn the SLII Model Online offer the ability for managers to invite their direct reports for access to a separate course on Blanchard Exchange that includes access to Learn the SLII Model Lesson along with three accompanying documents.

Managers can either add the email addresses of their direct reports into Blanchard Exchange and send them invitations, or they can grab a self-registration link/URL to send directly to their direct reports.

However, there may be cases where you want to invite direct reports on behalf of the managers in your project(s).  If so, follow the steps below.

Note: The following instructions are based on adding reports for 1 manager, so you will need to repeat this process for each manager in your project (ex: You have a group of 20 managers - you will need to upload 20 separate rosters one-at-a-time into Blanchard Exchange).
  1. Start by gather the first names, last names, and email addresses of the direct reports you'll be adding - they will need to be grouped together based on the manager who leads them.  If you used the Blanchard Exchange roster template to upload the initial group of managers to this project, you may re-use that template for each group of direct reports.
  2. Open your project in Blanchard Exchange.
  3. Find the first manager under the list of "Project Participants" on the main project overview screen and select the "+" sign to the right of their status.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the user's status until you see the heading "Invites".  Click on "SLX Learn the SLII Model Online" - This will take you to the sub-project of that user.

You will add the direct reports for this manager in this manager's sub-project.  The upload process is identical to adding participants into your main Blanchard Exchange projects.  You may follow the steps here for uploading a roster. 

Note: After the direct reports have been added to the sub-project, you will send them their invitations from Blanchard Exchange.  To have the default invitation/reminder emails enabled on your account, reach out to your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact and request that they enable the "Learn the SLII Model Online email templates". 


Repeat the above steps for all managers in your project.

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