Tutorial - Adding Project Team Members

Each project in Blanchard Exchange includes a "Team Members" section located under the "Overview" tab. This section allows you to add additional contacts to the project using different role options. Each role includes unique permissions to see details associated with the project.


The following roles are available when setting up a new project team member. Note that individuals may be set up for more than one role, if appropriate:

Project Trainer - This role provides access to various project details through a unique interface called the "Trainer Portal". This interface was designed with on-the-go trainers in mind with an emphasis on mobile device viewing.

Important!: Before setting up an individual for access as a Project Trainer, it is recommended you read through the introduction and accompanying tutorials that outline the Trainer Portal interface. You can find the introduction and tutorials by clicking here.

Experience it as a Trainer: All Administrators automatically have access to the Trainer Portal. To toggle to the Trainer Portal interface, locate the Portal Toggle towards the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select the "Trainer Portal". Once in the Trainer Portal, you may toggle back to your administrative view repeating these same steps, finding the "Corporate Portal" option, and then selecting your company's name in the drop-down under this option.

Individuals who are set up for access as a "Project Trainer" will gain access to project information such as:

  • Roster of learners along with the ability to email a learner directly
  • Learner progress
  • A record of all communications that have been sent to learners in the project
  • The ability to preview* the course associated with the project to see exactly what learners experience
  • Access to integrated assessment feedback reports for all participants in the group, such as the LBAII Self or DISC Profile assessment feedback reports
  • Any live events associated with the course will show directly on the home screen of the Project Trainer's interface as upcoming sessions
*Note: Integrated Blanchard products, such as integrated assessments or eLearning modules, will not be accessible in this view. If an individual needs to see these products, you will need to assign a set of credits to them and add them as a Learner to a project.

Enabling Access

To set up an individual for access as a project team member, navigate to the "Project Team" section under the "Overview" tab within your project.

Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 2

  1. Start typing the email address (or name if the user is already associated with your account) of the individual who will be added in the "Select a user or add with a new email" field (note: you may also type the individual's name if they have been already added to your account as any type of user, previously). If the user already exists in your account, select their name in the list using your mouse.
  2. Select the desired role under the "Select role" option.
  3. Select "Assign".
  4. On the following screen, ensure the "Project Team — Project Trainer Registration" (for individuals new to the Trainer Portal) or the "Project Team — Project Trainer Assignment Notification" (for individuals who already have access to the Trainer Portal) email template is selected. Select "Send Email" on the bottom of the screen.
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