Why can't I view any videos on Blanchard Online Learning?

The problem you are experiencing is commonly experienced when using an internet browser version that isn't supported by our platform.

Recommended browser versions:
Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Safari 5.0 or higher
Google Chrome version 25 or higher
Firefox version 19 or higher
For viewing on an iPAD: Safari (iOS 5. 6, & 7)

If you are unsure of which browser you are using, you can go use this link to check your browser version:

Please use a compatible browser or if you are using a compatible browser, please send the results of the browser check in the link above.

If the video does play, but is choppy, your internet connection may not be reliable enough to effectively stream the video.  Ensure you are using a high speed internet connection and use a wired connection (not wireless), if possible.

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