Tutorial - Using the Navigation

When you first log into the Trainer Portal, take note of the navigation bar at the top of the screen:

Figure 1

Figure 1

There is a search area in the upper left that allows you to search for projects by project name, people, and companies (if you have access to more than one company) (Figure 1-1).

The portal toggle towards the upper right-hand corner of Blanchard Exchange allows you to switch between the portals you have access to, such as your own Learner Portal, to access any courses in which you are a assigned as a learner (Figure 1-2).

In the upper right-hand corner of the navigation bar, you will have access to your personal settings and the ability to log out of Blanchard Exchange (Figure 1-3).

Accessing Project Information

Below the navigation bar, you will be greeted with 3 different icons which allow you to pull up project details:

Figure 2

Figure 2

  1. By Session (Default) (Figure 2-1)
  2. By Course (Figure 2-2)
  3. By Company (Figure 2-3)

By Session: This will show any projects that include live events in which an administrator has specifically assigned you as a Project Trainer (Note: if the administrator has set up your access at the account-level and has not specifically assigned you to any projects, you will not see any details under this section).

This view will show any upcoming live events associated with any projects in which you are assigned. You can also pull up previous events by selecting "Past Sessions".

The live event details on this screen will display the following information:

Figure 3

Figure 3

  • The name of the event as it appears to learners (Figure 3-1)
  • The project name entered by the administrator (Figure 3-2)
  • The date of the live event (Figure 3-3)
  • The start time of the live event (Figure 3-4)
  • The company/account that contains the project (Figure 3-5)

Selecting a live event will take you to the project overview screen associated with that live event.

By Course: This view will show you all previously accessed/assigned projects, but includes links to filter by "Favorite", "Recent" and "Assigned".

By Company: If you have been set up for access at the account-level or have been assigned to projects from more than one organization, this view will allow to to search by company. After you select the appropriate company, you will see in projects in which you've been assigned, or all projects in that company in the case of having account-level access.

Figure 4

Figure 4

To mark a project as a favorite, select the "star" next to the project name (Figure 4). If you wish to remove a project from your favorites, simply click the star, again.

To view the details of any projects available under all 3 of the above views, select the project name.

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