Tutorial - Viewing User Details

Blanchard Exchange allows you view individual user details such as course assignments, if the users are assigned to projects as Project Trainers, and even look up user email addresses in case you need to contact the users.

User information can be accessed either by searching for an individual and selecting their name in the search results, or by selecting an individual's name when reviewing the Participants tab of a project.

Figure 1

Figure 1

The top of the User Profile screen includes (Figure 1):

  • The user's name
  • Email address
  • Email verification (i.e. has the user received an email from Blanchard Exchange and selected their invitation sign-in URL at least once)
  • Their home organization (name of company)
  • Their account status in terms of whether their is locked or not (most users will not have their accounts locked)
  • The date/time of the last time the user logged in to Blanchard Exchange.

Additionally, sub-tabs are included below the user details with the following details:

  1. Participations - Displays projects where the user is assigned as a learner (Figure 1-1)
  2. Roles - Indicates any administrative roles under the account (Figure 1-2)
  3. Project Roles - Indicates whether a user is also listed as a Project Trainer (Figure 1-3)
  4. Groups - If the user has been assigned to any groups created by an administrator, these groups will be displayed under this tab (Figure 1-4)

Selecting any projects that are displayed under the Participations tab take you to the Project Overview screen of those projects.

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