[1-2-2015] Introducing the Trainer Portal & New Administration Roles

We are excited to announce a brand-new Blanchard Exchange interface built for Trainers along with new permission settings for inviting Administrators!

Trainer Portal

Administrators can now invite Trainers from their organization to access project information in a unique interface called the Trainer Portal.  The Trainer Portal organizes project information in a format optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and even desktops/laptops. 

Figure 1

New Trainer Portal

Project information includes Learner rosters, completion rates, email communication history, the ability to "preview" a course as it appears to Learners, plus more!

Administrators will be able to decide whether they want to invite Trainers to specific projects, or invite them for access to all project details within their account.

Trainer-facing documentation related to the Trainer Portal can be found here (Note: a link to these tutorials are included in the default invitations).

Administration documentation on how to invite Trainers can be found by clicking here.  

Experience it for yourself: Administrators  automatically have access to the Trainer Portal.  To switch to the Trainer Portal, hold your mouse over your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select the "Trainer Portal".

New Administration Roles

We have also introduced 2 new roles when inviting Administrators for access to an account:

1. Read-Only Access: Individuals invited using this role will be able to view details in your account, but will not have access to add, edit, and delete information. 

2. Account Trainer: Related to the Trainer Portal release, this role provides a Trainer with access to view all existing and future projects within your account through their access to the Trainer Portal

Administration documentation on how to invite new Administrators including the 2 roles above can be found by clicking here.  

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