Tutorial - How to Add Users

NOTE: The basic steps involved for adding Learners and Administrators are also covered in the Set up a Project video tutorial.  Additional information is included, below.

If you already understand these steps, it is recommended that you review the instructions and accompanying article below related to adding Trainers (assuming you have internal trainers you will be setting up for access to Blanchard Exchange).

In Blanchard Exchange there are three types of users: Learners, Trainers, and Administrators.


Learners are your end users accessing content/course details through Blanchard Exchange.  These are the core individuals you'll add to your projects within Blanchard Exchange.  Learners can also be referred to as "Participants".

For details on adding or editing Learners, please review the How to Add or Edit Learners article.



Trainers can be set up for access to Blanchard Exchange where they can view, but not edit, project and user details.  Trainers are provided a unique interface optimized for mobile devices to view project information. 

Note that you have two primary options for setting up Trainer access:

  1. Trainers can be invited to specific projects as "Project Trainers" to only see those specific project details - no other project data will be accessible.
  2. Alternatively, Trainers can be set up for access to your account to view all project details from your organization.

Note that there are both pros and cons to each option above:

If you choose option 1, Trainers will get the added feature of having any live events associated with the projects in which they've been added as a Project Trainer display on the initial screen they encounter when first accessing the Trainer Portal.  However, this will be added work on you as the administrator because you will need to add your trainer(s) to each individual project.

If you choose option 2, then you only need to set up your trainer(s) once on your account to provide them access to all projects within your account.  No additional setup will be required following the initial setup.  However, Trainers invited using this method will not have live event details display on their initial home screen when accessing the Trainer Portal, though they will still be able to access all project details by using either the search feature, or by using the "By Company" option on the left-hand side navigation.

Note that you have a third option in that you could use both options 1 and 2 together to get the best of both options, but it obviously requires additional work from you as the administrator to ensure trainers are added to each appropriate project.

For details on inviting Project Trainers to individual projects, please see the Adding Project Team Members article.


To add Trainers at the account-level, review the instructions for adding administrators to your account (found here) and select the "Account Trainer" role when inviting the individual for access. 



Administrators* are individuals who set up projects, upload learners, send communications, and modify courses.  Administrators have full access to account and project details within Blanchard Exchange.

*Note: The term "Administrator" can also include other types of roles with access to account details, such as "Read Only" access and even "Account Trainer" access.  "Read Only" access includes the ability to view, but not edit, information within an account, such as project information, course templates, and email templates.

For details on adding or editing Administrators, please review the How to Add or Edit Administrators article.



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