[6-12-2015] New Feature - Automated Notifications

We are excited to announce our automated notifications feature!  Starting Sunday, June 14th, Blanchard Exchange will begin sending automated notifications via email to both Learners and Administrators (including both Read-Only Access and Account Trainer roles). 

Learners will now receive the following notifications:

  • Course access expirations: When a course will be expiring for a Learner, that Learner will be notified at both 60 days and 7 days out from their course expiration date.  This will help remind Learners to download any resources or documents from their course before their course access expires.

  • Bounceback notifications: For courses that include an invitation/sub-project feature for Learners/Managers to invite their team members (such as our Learn the SLII Model Online asset), Learners will now be notified if Blanchard Exchange records a bounced email for one or more individuals the Learner has invited.

Administrators will now receive the following notifications:

  • Product/credit expirations: When products/credits will be expiring, Administrators will now receive a notification listing the products that are expiring, along with the number of credits that will expire for each product, at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 7 days out from the expiration date.  Any unused credits should be assigned to new Learners before the expiration date, ensuring those credits can still be utilized. 

  • Learner course access expirations: Similar to the course expiration notifications listed for Learners (above), Administrators will also receive notifications informing them of upcoming course access that will expire for Learners at both 60 days and 7 days out from the expiration date.  This allows Administrators to work directly with Learners, ensuring that Learners download any materials or resources that they wish to use following their course access expiring.

  • Bounceback notifications: Administrators will now be notified of bounced emails, speeding up the process of correcting the user's email address and re-sending the communication.
Administrator Notification Settings Example

Administrator Notification Settings Example

The above notifications will be enabled by default for all Learners and Administrators.  While it's recommended to keep these notifications enabled, we've also included the ability for both Learners and Administrators to manage their personal notifications. 

If you wish to change your notification settings, the bottom of each notification email contains a link for "Settings and Unsubscribe".  Selecting this link will take you to your account's personal notification settings, allowing you to pick-and-choose the above notifications you wish to enable/disable, along with a setting to enable/disable all notifications. 


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