[9-25-2015] Updated Naming Conventions for The SLII ExperienceTM Courses

If you utilize one or more courses based on The SLII ExperienceTM design within your Blanchard Exchange account, please note that we are changing the course naming conventions to be more indicative of material deliveries, training modalities, and versions.

Note that some email template titles will be slightly modified to reflect the material type and training modality based on the conventions, below.  However, most email templates will continue to have the same titles.

New Naming Convention Criteria

1) The type of event is now indicated next to the name of the training session -

  • Face-to-Face = F2F
  • Virtual = VIR
Example: "LEARN F2F" (LEARN session as a face-to-face event) 

2) The material type is now indicated next to each phase of the The SLII ExperienceTM -

  • Paper = PA
  • Electronic = EL
 Example: "LEARN F2F PA" (LEARN session as a face-to-face event with paper materials)

3) Version numbers are now included directly in the title

  • "1.0" has been introduce into the course name

Full example of naming convention changes:

Previous title: SLII Experience—LEARN and PRACTICE F2F 2-Day with Coaching

New title: SLII Experience 1.0—LAUNCH EL, LEARN F2F PA, PRACTICE F2F PA & MASTER EL Coaching 2-Day


If you have any questions about the naming conventions and/or need assistance identifying a particular design, please reach out to your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact, listed on the home screen of your Corporate Portal.

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