Tutorial - How to Move Learners Between Projects

Blanchard Exchange allows Learners to be moved from one project to another, while keeping assignment progress intact.

Before reviewing the instructions for moving a Learner from one project to another, please review the limitations regarding this feature:

  • If a learner has accessed the Learn the SLII Model Lesson or The SLII Challenge, the learner is not eligible to be moved into a new project.
  • Learners located in projects that were created prior to the beginning of March (2015) that include Learn the SLII Model Lesson or The SLII Challenge are not currently eligible to be moved.
  • The course design/template associated with the new destination project does not have to match the current learner's project. Any "reserved" credits for products utilized in the current project that are not being used in the destination project will be returned to the pool of available credits (note that the original credit expiration dates attached to those "reserved" credits still apply).

    However, if the learner has completed an integrated assessment, such as the LBAII Self, that product must also be present in the destination project before the learner is eligible to be moved.

Refer to the text directions and video below for full instructions.

First, open the project containing the learner who needs to be moved:

  1. Select the "Participants" tab of the project, and then locate the learner on the roster who should be moved.
  2. On the right-hand side of the learner's details, select the "Actions" menu, and then select "Move".
  3. A new window will open. Select the destination project that this learner should be moved to based on the list of projects.
  4. Blanchard Exchange will now compare the list of products in the existing projects to the list of projects in the destination project, also confirming whether or not the learner is eligible to be moved (see the limitations noted above).
  5. If the learner is eligible to be moved, a "verification successful" message will be displayed. If the course associated with the destination project does not match the course of the current project, Blanchard Exchange will also confirm the products that are not present in the destination project, informing you that any recorded progress on these products will be lost once the learner is moved into the new project.
  6. Select "Move" to finalize the move.

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