[10-20-2015] Enhanced Corporate Portal

Enhanced Corporate Portal Beta

Enhanced Corporate Portal

As previously announced, we are pleased to bring you the enhanced Corporate Portal for Blanchard Exchange!

Most existing Administrators will find the overall site navigation familiar.  However, we have included a summary of changes below.

Also, we have updated our Administration Tutorials to reflect the updated interface. Included with those tutorials are updated videos on the steps involved for setting up and managing projects, along with a new overview that serves to summarize Blanchard Exchange.  Be sure to take a look at these new/updated resources found here.

If you have any questions related to these changes, please reach out to your Blanchard Exchange Support Contact.


  • The main navigation is now vertical instead of horizontal.
  • The main navigation has been moved to the left on desktop/laptop/tablet devices, with an option included to "collapse" the navigation to save on screen space.
  • On smart phones or similar devices, the main navigation has moved to the right (the main navigation is also "collapsed" by default on mobile devices by default to save on screen space).
  • The recently launched Notifications feature is also tied to this interface, allowing you to view any notifications that have been emailed to you directly in the Corporate Portal.


  • When setting up a project that includes live events within the course, the time can now be set using a 12-hour format for Administrators who have country locations that utilize 12-hour formats instead of 24-hour formats.
  • The Project Overview completion graph and Project Roster have been separated into two views instead of one. When first accessing a project, the Project Overview screen now defaults to just the completion graph. The Project Roster is now found on the second tab of the project listed as "Participants".
  • The "Team Members" tab for adding Project Trainers has been moved to the Overview tab, making any project team members visible when first viewing a project.
  • The "Dates & Details" tab and "Design" tab have been combined into a new tab listed as "Course", allowing you to adjust your deadlines and modify your course design from the same tab.
  • The "Registration" tab has been combined with the "Participants" tab, so you can now upload participants or copy a project's self-registration URL from the same tab.
  • On the "Participants" tab, an "Actions" menu now exists for each participant to the right of their completion status. This menu includes the "Participant access link", along with the new "Move" function link (see below for more information).
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