FAQ - How can I add team members/direct reports to the SLII Team Member Kit?

The instructions below apply specifically to the SLII Team Member Kit and do not apply to Learn the SLII Model Online.

For directions on adding team members to Learn the SLII Model Online as an Administrator, please refer to the instructions found here.

Participants of The SLII ExperienceTM design that includes the SLII Team Member Kit have the ability to send a registration URL to their team members, allowing their team members to sign themselves up for access to the content within the SLII Team Member Kit. This URL along with a text description is available directly in the MASTER section of their course, which can easily be copied and the pasted into an email.

Administrators also have the ability to add team members directly on behalf of the participants/managers. 

If your project includes this asset and you would like to send invitations to team members on behalf of managers, please follow the steps below:

Figure 1

Figure 1

1. Open the project-in-question.

2. Select the Materials tab of the project.

3. Locate the SLII Team Member Kit on the list of materials, and then select the Administrate option to the right (Figure 1). You will then be taken to the sub-project which houses the team members. 

Note that sub-projects offer near-identical functionality to main projects, including the ability to preview the design, schedule communications, and check progress/run project status report. The one feature that is not available in the sub-project is the ability to customize the course.


Figure 2

Figure 2

Select the Participants tab (Figure 2-1).  Also note that options are present on the top of the screen to return to the main project (Figure 2-2), along with preview the course that team members will access (Figure 2-3).

The same options available to add participants to the main project are also present in the sub-project: Manual (individual adds), Upload (roster upload), and Self-Registration (link allowing individuals to sign themselves up for access).

If adding individuals using the Manual or Upload option, you will need also need to trigger an invitation. The following email templates are automatically included in your account:

  • SLII Experience TEAM MEMBER 2.0—1 Initial: This is the initial invitation that can be sent to the team members.  When sending or scheduling this email, you are welcome to modify both the subject line and body of the message.

  • SLII Experience TEAM MEMBER 2.0—2 Reminder: This email template can be used to remind team members to access their materials. You may wish to schedule this reminder to be sent under the Communications tab of the project (for instructions on scheduling emails to be sent at later dates, see the tutorial found here).

Alternatively, if you are using the Self-Registration option, simply select the Self-Registration tab and then copy the registration URL and paste that URL wherever you wish to display it (direct email, web page, etc...).  Invitations do not need to be manually sent in this scenario, though emails can still be triggered to any users who have registered - registered users will be listed under the Participants tab of the sub-project.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING USAGE: If a participant invites a team member who was already invited by an Administrator, Blanchard Exchange will not allow them to register a second time (provided they use the same email address). Instead, the individual will be instructed to log in at to access their existing account.

Also, each SLII Team Member Kit includes 20 "seats" for team members. The total number of seats available in the sub-project increases with each additional participant added to the primary project.

Example: A participant is added to a project that includes the SLII Team Member Kit. A sub-project is created with 20 available seats for team members. If a second participant is added to the same project, 20 additional seats are automatically added to the sub-project, now at a total of 40 available seats.
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