[01-25-2016] Various Improvements & Bug Fixes

Today's release brings a series of minor tweaks and bug fixes to the Corporate Portal, plus some enhancements related to the LBAII Self assessment, DISC Profile assessment, and LEARN Self-Study modules:

  • Project Status reports have been updated to no longer reflect percentages.  Instead, progress will now be indicated by Not Started, In Progress, and Completed, providing a more-accurate representation of completion status in certain scenarios.

  • Project Status reports have regained the ability to mouse over column headers to see full assignment titles.

  • The Project Overview graph will now reflect correct totals - there were some cases previously whether these totals would not correctly calculate based on the number of Learners in projects.

  • Courses with longer titles and/or descriptions no longer have their titles partially hidden behind the "Preview" and "Select" buttons on the Project Setup screen.

  • "Back to My Courses" in the LEARN Self-Study modules will now return the Learner to the course that contains the modules, rather than the "My Courses" screen for Learners who have access to more than one course on Blanchard Exchange.

  • LBAII Self and DISC Profile assessment tracking through Blanchard Exchange has been updated to always reflect the correct completion status when viewing an individual learner's progress - previously, there were some cases where this status would not always reflect accurate completion status.

  • LBAII Self and DISC Profile "bulk" download report options are now available under the "Reports" tab of a project.  Previously, this feature was only available by logging in separately to the assessment platform.

  • LBAII Self and DISC Profile settings have been brought to the "Materials" tab of projects, allowing you to set report access and hard deadlines (optional).

  • The cropping feature for custom logos has been fixed.

  • The "Team Members" heading to add Project Trainers has been renamed to "Project Team".

  • Email templates under the Library tab regain the "Origin" column displaying whether the email template is custom.

  • "Direct Links - Purchased" now includes the Product ID on product listings, making it easier to identify the appropriate product when enabling a direct link.

  • "Not yet logged in" text indicating whether a Learner has accessed their course displays in red font to stand out more among groups of Learners with various progress.

  • "Download as a Excel file" text has been changed to "Download participant list as Excel file".
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