[03-31-2016] LEARN Self-Study Reporting Enhancements

Reporting enhancements have been made to The SLII Experience™ LEARN Self-Study.  These enhancements provide additional reporting details to the Corporate Portal and also provide clarity on the Learner Portal regarding module completion.  See below for a summary of changes:

LEARN Self-Study Completion & Success Criteria:

  1. Completion: A module is now marked as completed once a learner has viewed at least 90% of the module.
  2. Quiz Success: The quiz at the end of each module will be marked as "Passed" if the learner has 65% or higher in correct quiz responses.

Learner Portal Progress Enhancements:

  1. Activity buttons to access each module in a course now reflect the following statuses:
    • Start: no progress recorded
    • Continue: resume the module from last location
    • View: return to the last location in a completed module
  2. Status is also indicated to the right of each module:
    • Not started: The module does not have any progress recorded
    • In progress: The module is currently in progress
    • Completed: The module has been completed

Corporate Portal Reporting Enhancements:

  1. The Project Status report now reports completion and quiz status (passed or failed) under one column for "SLII LEARN Self-Study", providing an at-a-glace summary of both completion and quiz success criteria.
  2. Quiz scores for each of the 4 modules are visible by viewing individual learner progress under the "Participants" tab of a project.

For details on the Corporate Portal reporting enhancements, please see the How to Run Progress Reports tutorial.


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