Leader Notes - Quick Start Guidelines

Leader Notes Sample

Leader Notes Sample

A link to a sample of the instructions and formatting of the Leader Notes are included on the right. Review this sample to understand how the Leader Notes are formatted.


Editing the Leader Notes

Review the following guidelines in regards to editing the Leader Notes. Note that the instructions below may differ slightly depending on the version of Microsoft Office being used: 

  1. This file must remain in “.docx” format because using the older “.doc” format will disrupt formatting.

  2. Do not manually add bullets or numbers. Use the identified text styles for all text in order to maintain the formatting throughout the file. Bold, Italic, or Underline character attributes can be manually applied.

  3. Text styles can be applied in more than one way. The most common methods are
    • Click on the appropriate style under Styles in the formatting ribbon at top of page (Styles can also be displayed as a tall, freestanding palette).
    • Use the “outdent/indent” icons Image under Paragraph in the formatting ribbon (this method works only for the main body text styles, not for Continued/Slide, Slide Info, Sidebar Head, or Sidebar).
  4. The easiest way to rearrange content within the leader notes is
    1. Turn on invisibles (select in the standard toolbar) so you can see all page-formatting information, including hard returns and page breaks.
    2. Select that entire page, including the top section (hard return at the top and top-section table), the main leader notes body, and the page break at the bottom. Copy (or cut) that entire selection.
    3. Insert the cursor at the top of the page where you want to relocate the content and paste the content.
    4. This may result in an extra hard return at the top of the page; if so, delete it, and then make sure the remaining hard return above the top section table uses the Slide Info style.
  5. Pasting text from another document can import additional text styles and cause issues with formatting. If you encounter this, select Clear Formatting for the entire section of text and then reapply the correct text style(s).

  6. If it’s necessary to change an image, right-click the image and select Change Picture, then select the correct image. It will be resized automatically.
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