[06-22-2016] SLII Challenge & First-time Manager Challenge Account Reporting

Account-level reporting is now available for The SLII ExperienceTM Challenge 2.0 and the First-time Manager Challenge. These reports will display completion details for all learners in an account who have access to these Challenges, including:

  • The name & email address of each learner
  • The name of the learner's project
  • The title of each individual Challenge assignment including the completion status

Export options are included above to list to export these reports to alternative formats (CSV, PDF, etc...). Additionally, a "Column Visibility" option is also present with the export options to add or remove individual Challenge assignments from the report for greater visibility.

To navigate to these new reports, select the Reports tab in the Corporate Portal. The following reports will now be visible (note that if you have not ordered a design that includes one or both of these products, these report options will not be available in your account):

  • First-time Manager Challenge status report
  • SLII Challenge status report

Additionally, the Blanchard Exchange project publishing routine has been modified to now run in the background. This will allow administrators to make changes on-the-fly without spending as much time waiting for pages to load (i.e. waiting for changes to be saved).

A message will now appear following project modifications (edits to course templates, adding new files, modifying live event date/time information, etc...) indicating that changes are being applied in the background. This message will disappear following the finalization of those changes.

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