[1-22-2018] Updated LEARN Self-Study Plus New Feature Coming Soon: Automated Communication Plans

We are excited to announce an update to The SLII ExperienceTM LEARN Self-Study as well as a brand-new feature coming soon to Blanchard Exchange that will automate email communication plans! Please see below for more information.

LEARN Self-Study Update

Brand-new projects on Blanchard Exchange which include the LEARN Self-Study will see the following adjustments:

  • Final quiz behavior: A learner can no longer receive completion and still separately fail the final quiz. Instead, a passing quiz score of 65% must be achieved in conjunction with viewing at least 90% of the module in order to receive completion. Learners who do not pass the quiz will receive a message stating that they must have a score of at least 65% to pass. Learners will also have unlimited attempts to pass the quiz. This behavior change should help reinforce key learnings and help learners better-prepare for the PRACTICE and MASTER phases of their experience.

  • Reporting in the Corporate Portal: Previously, completion of each LEARN Self-Study module was listed with both a completion indicator as well as a quiz indicator (ex: "Completed / Passed"). Moving forward, the passing of the quiz will automatically roll up under the completion criteria (ex: "Completed"). Quiz scores will still be visible under the "Show Details" link available under an individual learner when viewing the "Participants" tab of a project.

  • Tracking issue in Internet Explorer 11: It has come to our attention recently that learners who used Internet Explorer 11 were having an issue with their completion status not updating on Blanchard Exchange even after completing the modules. This update corrects the issue so that the completion status will be reflected on Blanchard Exchange.

Coming Soon: Automated Communication Plans

We will soon be introducing brand-new functionality to Blanchard Exchange that will automate email campaigns, create greater flexibility for when (or when not) to send communications, and also save administrators time when it comes to project administration.

This new feature will include the following benefits:

Project Communication Plan Example
Project Communication Plan
  • Administrators will see an entire communication plan during project creation with emails already scheduled to go out at pre-determined points based on trigger dates, such as the dates of live training.
New Rule Engine
New Rule Engine Example
  • A new rule engine will be included for emails to determine when a communication should be sent. For example, a reminder can be sent a certain number of days before the first session to complete the LAUNCH assignments, but will not be sent to a learner who already completed those assignments.

  • Full flexibility will be available for administrators to create custom communication plans both on individual projects and within custom courses.

Keep an eye out on the Latest Updates area over the coming weeks both here and on the Blanchard Exchange Corporate Portal home page for more information as we get closer to the release of this exciting feature!

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