[3-15-2018] Automated Communication Plans Now Available!

We are excited to release Automated Communication Plans for Blanchard Exchange! Mentioned in last week's update, this feature is now live and is available for brand-new projects in Blanchard Exchange.

Off-the-Shelf courses* have been updated with the communication plans that accompany those courses. The communication plans can be used as-is, or can be adjusted both directly in projects as well as custom courses to save those adjustments for later use.

If you did not get a chance to review the introduction video posted in last week's update, we have included it below. An additional video is also now available with directions for building communication plans, including accompanying documentation related to tips and example communication rules. You can find those details here.

NEXT: View the additional tutorial and documentation.

*The SLII ExperienceTM 1.0 courses have not been updated with automated communication plans.

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